A Very Merry 1990’s Christmas in Oregon

Our first Christmas in our newly acquired home across the country was a landmark moment for us as a family. We were eager to embrace and celebrate our heritage by preparing traditional dishes passed down from our families. This was our first Christmas together as a family and it was a joyous and exciting experience.

As we created new memories and traditions, we also honored the customs of our childhoods. Although Nita was steadfast in her refusal to allow me to open any presents on Christmas Eve, I couldn’t help but mention it. Our celebration was a fusion of old and new, and it was unique to us.

The day was filled with laughter, cooking, and dancing to our own beat. We reveled in each other’s company, relished in the taste of our delicious creations, and let loose with a little bit of foolishness, which was a signature characteristic of mine. In this warm and cozy home, surrounded by love and joy, we celebrated the true meaning of Christmas and the beginning of a new tradition.

Although we missed our family dearly, we are having a fantastic time in Oregon and are grateful for the opportunity to create new traditions together. Being all the way across the country is a thrilling adventure and we made the most of it by embracing the new surroundings and experiences.

This year we are keeping it simple, just making a few things:

  1. Mala’s famous tasty roast chicken with vegetables.
  2. Fresh baked aniseed bread.
  3. Guyana Pine Tart
  4. Ginger beer of my own concoction
  5. Last but definitely not least, PepperPot.

Thanks again!!!

Author: Anil Singh