Here we are!

Hi, I’m Anil and my lovely wife is Anita

I am an adventurous and lively individual who loves to travel the world with my spouse. Exploring new destinations and embracing the excitement of life is what drives us.


Born in the West Indies, grew up in New York City bouncing from one borough. Public school kid before the advent of the internet. I went outside to play and had friends down the block. Onto the next chapter, graduated then graduated again and I was prepared to take on the world.

Everything after…

Fortunate to have great people in my life and even greater managers. Learn allot and travelled allot. From London to Dubai, learning cultures, eating great food and making friends.

Found my diamond in the sky!

It all began with a chance encounter on a digital platform in 2017. Our first conversation was electric and lasted all night, leaving us both eager to explore each other’s personalities further. She was smart, witty and a rare combination of beauty and brains.

As fate would have it, our schedules aligned and we were able to spend hours together exploring New York City, solidifying our connection. A few months later, I proposed and she said yes. I then took a job in Oregon and we embarked on a long-distance relationship, planning our wedding and finding our forever home.

My wife is truly a superwoman. Despite the distance and demanding jobs, she expertly planned our wedding, found our dream home, and put up with me during a year of intense stress. Her strength and grace have been an inspiration to me.

Fast forward to now, we are happily married, residing in Oregon and starting new chapters in our lives. It’s been a wonderful journey filled with love, laughter, and growth.

Closer to family

Update April 2022: We made the exciting decision to sell our house at the peak of the market and embark on a ten-month adventure exploring different cities before finally settling down again.