A New Adventure

Our Move from Portland, Oregon to St. Johns, Florida

Moving to a new place can be an exciting, but also a daunting experience. Our family recently made the decision to leave Portland, Oregon and start a new chapter in St. Johns, Florida, and here’s our perspective on the move.

First and foremost, the change of scenery was a big factor in our decision. After living in Portland for many years, we were ready for a change of pace and a different type of lifestyle.

Portland is known for its lush green forests, clean air, and water, and its vibrant cultural scene. With its mild climate, residents enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities throughout the year, including hiking, fishing, and skiing. Portland is also home to a thriving food and drink culture, as well as a thriving arts and music scene.

St. Johns, Florida, on the other hand, offers a different type of lifestyle, with its warm climate and easy access to the beaches. The city is known for its relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, and its vibrant water sports culture. From boating and fishing to surfing and sunbathing, there is something for everyone in St. Johns. The city is also home to a growing arts and culture scene, with numerous festivals and events taking place throughout the year.

That being said, leaving Portland was not an easy decision. We have many friends and memories here, and it’s always hard to leave the familiar behind. But we’re also excited for this new adventure and the opportunities it will bring.

As we pack up our things and say goodbye to Portland, we’re filled with a mix of emotions. But ultimately, we know that this move is the right decision for our family and we’re eager to start this next chapter in our lives.

We’re not sure what the future holds, but we’re excited to find out and share our experiences along the way. So here’s to a new adventure in St. Johns, Florida!

Author: Anil G. Singh