We are Having a Baby!! Super Excited!

Spoiler Alert: It’s a girl.

June 2023 is going to be an amazing month for us! We are finally having a baby girl and we can’t wait to welcome her into our lives. The excitement is palpable and every day we are counting down the months, weeks, and days until we meet her.

As soon as we found out the gender, we were ecstatic. A baby girl means a whole new world of pink, frilly dresses, and hair bows. We are already imagining the beautiful princess-themed nursery and all the adorable outfits we can’t wait to dress her in.

But, let’s not forget about the incredible bond that comes with having a daughter. We will be able to experience all the milestones with her and watch her grow into a confident and beautiful young lady. We will be there to comfort her when she needs us, to cheer her on when she succeeds, and to love her unconditionally every day of her life.

We are already starting to prepare for her arrival. We are reading books, attending prenatal classes, and gathering all the essentials she will need. It’s such an exciting time and we can’t wait to finally hold her in our arms and start this new journey as a family.

In June 2023, our lives will change forever. We will become parents to the most precious little girl and we will love her with all our hearts. We are beyond blessed to have the opportunity to bring another life into this world and watch her grow into her own person.

As the months go by, the excitement will only continue to grow. We can’t wait to finally meet our little girl and start the rest of our lives as a family. Welcome to the world, baby girl! We are ready and waiting for you.

Our registry can be found at https://go.gavendrasingh.com/registry

Author: Anil G. Singh